Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

The range of dry screw pumps is ideal for your low and medium vacuum applications. It can not only be used for industrial applications, but also for coating. Our dry screw pumps are ideal solution for all areas requiring oil-free vacuum. Pumping speeds in this series range from 100 to 2,500 m3/h.

The one-piece variable-pitch rotors are a special advantage. We provide the necessary internal compression to save energy costs. The innovative design and low speed of the pumps result in low stressing of the bearings and seals.

Feature's :-

(1) New design: The compact design that emphasized curved line of casing and plate(REP2) was removed. Improving the part connected with motor by IEC flange type.

(2) Removed Air Filter: The strong anti corrosion by blocking the inflow of air into pump/it is safe in even explosive circumstances. Minimized contamination in application circumstance due to no process material back-flowed.

(3) Mechanical Seal: Protection from water or oil contamination by using the seal which has outstanding sealing effect. Enlarged sealing effect as compared to lip seal of other companies.

(4) Simple internal structure: Increasing life time of pump by non contacting between casing and screw. Easy overhaul/maintenance and minimized minor faults by simplifying the internal structure.

(5) Line-UP: Consisted of various lines from low to high capacity.

(6) Dry variable pitch screw: Eco-friendly pump which is no need oil or water that is to form oil film inside pump also no additional cost come from waste water. Keeping constant vacuum degree even for long time operation without influence of internal/external circumstances. Reducing utility cost as applying variable pitch screw that helps reduce power consumption and discharge temperature.

(7) Coating: Applying special TEFLON coating which is the most superior for the corrosion. Easy to treat toxic, corrosive gas and condensable gases.

(8) The Range of using pressure of pump: It is possible of continuous operation in the all pressure range by forming vacuum with mechanical rotation of screw. No change of using power in accordance with vacuum degree (low to high).

(9) IEC Flange: Increasing customer convenience by applying IEC flange. Simple installation due to no need to adjust shaft alignment when pump is to moved.

Applications :-

Automobile, Aircraft, Mechanical Industries

• Vacuum casting, Sintering, Deposition, Impregnation, ION, Nitrification, Evacuation & etc.

Steel Industry

• Steel degassing, Vacuum casting.

Heat Treatment Process, Centralized Process Vacuum

Chemical & Food Industry, Polymer, Medicine Industries

• Evaporating Condensation, Drying, Freeze Drying, Distillation, Deodorization, Molecular Distillation, Defomation, Dehydration, Degassing, Packing, Forming, Absorption, Impregnation, Conditionaing, Esterification, Polymerization & Esterification, Pneumatic Conveying, Liquid Transfer By Vacuum, Food Additive, Plasticizer, Surfactant & etc.

Air Cooled Dry Vacuum Pump FR060D
Volume Flow Rate (L/Min) Maximum 1000
Constant 800
Base Pressure (Pa) Without Gas Ballast 1.0
With Gas Ballast 2.0
Connection Inlet KF (NW) 40
Outlet KF (NW) 40
Max Vapor Tolerance*1(g/hr) 500
Lubrication Oil Quantity (ml) 90
Power Consumption (kW) At Base Pressure 1.1
Maximum 1.3
Power Supply Voltage (V) 200 - 240
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Phase Single / Three
Tolerable Voltage Fluctuation*2 ±10%
Power Capacity (kVA) 3.0
Electric Current (A) Single Phase 11.1
Three Phase 6.5
Cooling System Air Cooling
Weight (kg) 75
Ambient Temperature (℃) 5 - 40
Energy - Saving Dry Vacuum Pump ER100D / ER100DC
Volume Flow Rate (L/Min) 1670
Base Pressure (Pa) 5.0
Energy Consumption at Ultimate Pressure (W) 400
Power Supply Voltage (V) 200 -220
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Phase Three Phase
Power Capability (kVA) 3.2
N2 Gas Purage Throughput (Pa x m3/s) 17 - 20
Cooling System Water Cooled
Required Flow Rate (L/Min) 1.5 - 3.0
Required Temperature (℃) Max. 30
Weight (kg) 60
Dry Screw Vacuum Pump DSP 251 DSP 501
Performance Pumping Speed W/O Gas Ballast L/Min 230 500
W Gas Ballast L/Min 200 430
Base Pressure W/O Gas Ballast Pa 0.5
W Gas Ballast Pa 2
Port Dimension Inlet - KF25 KF40
Outlet - KF25
Approx Weight kg 16 21
Utility Power Input Phase Single Phase
Voltage V AC100-230±10%(50/60Hz)
Power Capacity VA 450 660
Connector - Made By Hirakawa HutecCM11
Power Consumption At Base Pressure W 240 270
Maximum 380 600
Specification / Model DBVP150 DBVP300 DBVP450 DBVP800
50 Hz | 60 Hz 50 Hz | 60 Hz 50 Hz | 60 Hz 50 Hz | 60 Hz
Free Air Displacement (m/hr) 135 | 165 260 | 320 390 | 480 700 | 840
Nominal Capacity (m/hr) 120 | 140 230 | 280 340 | 410 560 | 720
Ultimate Pressure (Torr, abs) 0.1 | 0.05 0.05 | 0.03 0.03 | 0.01 0.03 | 0.01
Motor Size (kW) 3.7 | 5.5 7.5 | 7.5 11 | 11 15 | 18.5
Motor Speed (RPM) 2900 | 3550 2900 | 3550 2900 | 3550 2900 | 3550
Port Size (Suction) (Discharge) 40A, 40A 50A, 40A 65A, 50A 100A, 65A
Cooling Water (I/Min) @20 Degree Celcius 12 14 16 20
Gear Oil (Front)
Weight (Pump Only) (KG) 245 315 380 600