Helium Leak Test

Helium Leak Test

Nxtek designs and manufactures Helium, H2 tracer gas leak testing machines fully automated, semi-automatic or manual test benches. We are one of the most innovative companies devoted solely to the research, design, manufacture, distribution, and service of leak detectors, gas handling equipment, and complete leak detection solutions. NYPL’s staff of engineers, system design personnel and applications specialists constitute the most experienced body of leak detection experts in the field.

These systems are distinguished by their high functional reliability, as they exclude environmental influences, perform continuous self-monitoring and monitor all mechanical movements. The use of specially tested components for high switching frequency and enhanced stressing also enhances reliability. Nxtek leak test systems have a fully automatic control of compliance with the guaranteed leak rates and fully automatic calibration and checking of the system’s measuring equipment.

System Advantages

• Helium leak rates up to 10-8 mbar l/sec

• Test pressure 0.3 bar to 300 bar

• Guaranteed compliance with measuring equipment capabilities

• High precision even in extreme environmental conditions

• Integrated Helium Recovery Station or Mixing Station

• Partially or fully automated material movement with robot/pick & place

• Extended Visualisation for MIS/Reports with help of SCADA and VPN

• Construction of a system directly connected to your production line possible

• Easy operation and easy maintenance

• Inbuilt Software for 24 hour Remote maintenance and support