About us


“At NXTEK, our vision is a vivid tapestry woven with dedication, innovation, and an unwavering passion for excellence. We aspire to be more than industry leaders to provide a safe, productive, fluffing work environment for employees, legendary services to our customers, enhanced value for shareholders. Our commitment is to inspire positive transformation, setting new benchmarks that elevate the entire landscape in our Industry and results into Stable Strategic Growth. Our vision is to sustainable and stable growth for all our stakeholders.”


NxTek Yantra Pvt Ltd was formed with an intention of quality service delivery to the customers looking for vacuum and leak detection services and machines.

Since its inception Nxtek Yantra Pvt Ltd has accumulated unmatched experience with over 25+ years with end number of satisfied customers. Here at NxTek our core motto is “solutions with the power of quality” which basically means we provide solutions to our customer with the power of quality we have in our products being offered, for us our customers matters the most so we always try to get into deep of the problems our customers are facing and after a thorough analysis we try to deliver a product which best suits the needs of the customer.

Nxtek was born to provide best in class vacuum and helium leak detection products and services to the customers, the founders realized that there is a very huge market in vacuum and helium leak detection solutions so they decided to come together and bring out the best in class products and services to the industry. We here at NxTek have a team of young, energetic & responsible engineers and employees who always try to give best in class services and products to their customers.

NxTek is not only into providing vacuum and helium leak detection products and services but we are also into providing vacuum components and sensor, on site services, helium leak detector maintenance services, helium leak test job work and providing high efficiency vacuum oil solutions.

NxTek believes that being committed to what we promise to deliver to our customers should be our top most priority without losing on quality and efficiency, so we always try to delivery what we promise to our customers on time with best in class quality and efficiency.


“To be the catalyst in communities of Customers, Vendors and Shareholders creating better technology the open source way which aids society, environment and creates sustainable safe Planet”

Our mission at NXTEK is a dynamic voyage marked by a commitment to engineering excellence, Innovation and pioneering advancements in our products and services.

Customer-centricity is the heartbeat and Regulatory adherence is integral to our mission.

Sustainability is woven into our mission, guiding our manufacturing processes towards a greener future. We empower our team to be ambassadors of expertise and dedication, fostering a culture where every individual contributes to the realization of our mission.


CEO Greetings

Mr. Gaurav Bramanckar, the distinguished CEO & Founder of Nxtek Group Of Companies an accomplished Engineer boasting over 15 years of profound expertise in Manufacturing Sector.

Gaurav Bramanckar, the ingenious mind behind Nxtek Group Companies, is a trailblazer in the field of vacuum solutions engineering. With a profound background in this discipline and a vision for transforming how industries approach the technology, he has propelled the company into a leading position in the segment and even best in few products.

Gaurav Bramanckar actively fosters collaboration within the industry, engaging with partners, researchers, and professionals to stay at the forefront of technology advancements. The focus remains on expanding the company's reach, forging strategic partnerships, and continually pushing the boundaries at each point.

Within Nxtek, he stands as an ideal figure, embodying leadership, innovation, and a steadfast dedication to surpassing expectations. Mr. Gaurav Bramanckar is the driving force behind Nxtek's reputation for excellence and client-centric solutions.



At NXTEK, our Quality Policy shows how much care and effort we put into every product we make. We promise to be very precise and careful when creating each system, making sure they are not just products but a perfect blend of reliability and performance. We believe that being innovative is crucial to delivering high-quality products. This means we always try new and smart things to meet and even go beyond what our clients and industries need.

We think it's really important to support and encourage our team. We want our employees to feel like they own their roles, and we want them to be experts and dedicated to what they do. We're always trying to get better, and it's not just a goal for us – it's a standard we always follow. We love learning, adapting, and checking how we're doing, and we use what we learn to make things even better each time. Our Quality Policy at NXTEK is not just a piece of paper; it's the story that tells everyone how serious we are about making top-notch systems every single time.

Quality Service

We always try to keep our focus on quality so our services are always of best quality according to industry standards.

Quality Product

Our products are made focusing on the quality so the products delivered here are always high in quality.

Advanced Solutions

Providing advanced solutions is what we always focus on when delivering solutions to our clients.

Reduced Justified Cost

Our costing is always justifiable and our clients often find it reasonable.

Our Clients